social diseases effect those old and young

social disease is very contagious

I can guarantee you reading this has suffered from some sort of social disease. Exactly what is social disease?

social disease is defined as different modes of personalities within social networking

Facebook, your one friend who never shows a smiley emotion. There updates consists of nothing but negative rants and raves. Always depressed and unemotional because they spend majority of their day updating negative statuses. That is someone who suffers from FaceDisease.

Instagram, the new “it” place for followers. But the one that has PicsArt as a second job always filtering their pictures. These are friends who follow just to see their number of followers rise. They have no intent of ever “liking” your picture, just every intent on being the one to know on Instagram. Often these are people who crop other follower pictures and post them as their own. They suffer from InstaDisease.

Twitter is another social platform for social disease. It often creates #many #stupid #messages #that #look #likedis and often creates another language that only #tweeters understands. It’s short handing at its worst. Twitter opens out the flood gates of young and ruthless wannabe bullies. Beefs with no cows…that’s the story of many celebrities whom #tweets has caused chaos. They too suffer for TweetDisease

I can continue, with # Vine #Worldstar #TMZ #Radaronline #Mediatakeout #NecoleBitchie and others who also suffer from this crazed Social Disease.

let’s bring everyone back to Earth and from cyberspace


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